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About Us

Our Mission

MYComputing strives to bring technological excellence to business of all sizes.

Whether you are a small business needing guidance on the best forward, or are a bigger business looking to augment your existing IT team, we stand ready to help you achieve your technological excellence.

Our Process

Summed up – our processes are effective automation where it makes sense, and the human touch where it doesn’t.

Processes that go too far either way, for lack of a better term, suck – not enough emphasis on the human element leaves customers feeling unsupported, and a lack of emphasis on automation means things get missed and cost more. 

We’ve spent years making the two work together – the resulting product optimizes, not skimps, on technician time – freeing us up to do work quickly and effectively while getting you the support you need.

Our History

MYComputing started as a small shop in 2020 during the COVID pandemic out of a new need to modify the way we work and support staff wherever they were. 

Remote work on this scale was unseen, and we worked tirelessly to transform businesses and allow them to function with the new limitations.

Today, the world has (largely) come back to normal, but we carry on lots of what we started with- making sure that staff are well supported wherever they are, and that businesses are resilient to any rapid changes that may come tomorrow.

Working daily with a variety of different clients has been personally fascinating, surprisingly applicable across industries, and instrumental in our success. I hope you join us in our journey of discovery and improvement with MYComputing.

Client Testimonials

"We ran into some issues regarding our staff's productivity despite buying some of the best tools out there. MYComputing helped us realize the full potential of our stack, driving a massive output improvement for our staff"
“We were caught unprepared. MYComputing did a security scan on our network as part of their evaluation process, and thank god they did. They found and removed some malware that had the capability to cripple us forever”
"MYComputing's support services have made life far easier. Instead of hitting our heads against a brick wall when a computer issue comes up, help is always a quick call away. A big time and headache fix for daily operations."
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